Entertainer Quickie: Pia Toscano Post-‘American Idol’ & Daisy Lowe in Playboy

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Pia Toscano Record Deal

Pia Toscano has confirmed that she was signed on to Interscope Records.

The “American Idol” alum had pranced around the rumors on the matter and even had MTV news on their toes. According to MTV, when asked about her future career during her interview she had said, “You know, you’re just going going to have to wait and see. That’s the goal, ultimately.”

Toscano kept the secret for a long period of time and the expert followers of “American Idol” are not surprised both at the announcement and the secrecy. Tickets went on sale last Wednesday night on July 6 for her tour, the day after she announced her contract with Interscope.

Her first single “This Time” was expected to be premiered at her tour kickoff on Wednesday. Her song will officially drop today.  The question remains though whether she will live up to her fame on “Idol” or will her sale records plummet once she produces her first album? MTV’s “Idol” expert, Jim Cantiello, doesn’t seem to think so. He stated to MTV, “What will really be a hard hurdle to jump, though, is that she made a name for herself belting massive ballads, à la Whitney, Celine and old-school Mariah. It’s a style of singing that hasn’t launched a star on the radio in decades. I’m not convinced Pia is the one to bring that genre back.”

Only the future will tell whether Cantiello will be proven wrong.

Daisy Lowe in Playboy

There will be further excitement in the air as Daisy Lowe will be setting flames as she poses for Playboy.

She is scheduled to do a hot smoldering shoot for the magazine’s upcoming September issue, so all Lowe fans better keep their eyes wide open for that month.

Lowe is currently dating the “Doctor Who” star Matt Smith. It is unknown what Smith’s reaction was when finding out his girlfriend is heading over to Hugh Hefner’s famous Playboy Mansion for the shoot.

Daisy already has previous experience with modeling both for advertising and provocative modeling. The daughter of Bush’s Gavin Rossdale and Pearl Lowe can be viewed in a Pirelli calendar. According to Independent Woman, Lowe even once did a catwalk wearing “just knickers and nipple tassels” when she modeled for Agent Provocateur.

Who knows what this soon-to-be Playboy model will model in next?

Photos courtesy of Desiree Keller and RingFeverProductions via Flickr.

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