Ocean Beach plans to call for truce in 4th of July marshmallow war

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marshmallow1Other places in San Diego county have their 4th of July fireworks, their parades, their festivals, but only Ocean Beach has its own very unique way of celebrating Independence Day: the Marshmallow War. This annual rite of confectionery commemoration has been conducted since well into the last century, but this year, those who guide the beach community want the denizens to “Mallow Out” and cease and desist from throwing the puffy projectiles.

The Ocean Beach Community Council has instituted a campaign to forego this year’s sugary skirmish due to the reaction of many to last year’s event. Concerned citizens and Council members feel the 2013 war became too intense and went way past any vestiges of fun, into the territory of mayhem. The marshmallow melee moved off of the beach itself last year, onto the sidewalks and streets of O.B.marshmallow2

More than a ton of garbage was left behind, and few if any of the participants stayed to help clean it up. In addition, some warriors took to freezing their marshmallows, lighting them afire, and firing them from homemade guns or sling shots. There were even reports of injuries resulting from the escalation of marshmallow weaponry technology, although no arrests were made and no hospitalizations were reported.

marshmallow5Hundreds of people contacted both the police and the Council complaining about the gooey garbage left behind, the injuries, and most sadly, the stains on plaques at the Veteran’s Memorial. This seems an ironic and disturbing way to honor our heroes.

To combat and hopefully end the whole affair this year, the Council has been asking local merchants to stop selling marshmallows the week preceding the Fourth. In addition, visitors to Ocean Beach are being asked to not bring the contraband confectioneries into town, to not purchase them there, and certainly to not throw them at each other.

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