Target Shopping Mania for Missoni

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After witnessing hundreds of shoppers flocking the local Target stores Tuesday, one would almost think it were Black Friday already.

With products swiped off the shelves and racks so fast that as soon as you step in to the store all the items you want are gone. Those same items disappearing in the blink of an eye on the Target website as well.

If you are one of the few that were able to snag some at your Target store or site “Pre-Crash”, then you are one of the lucky ones. Some were not so lucky.

However, unlike Black Friday where everything is up for grabs, only specific products were purchased. Or should I say products made by a specific designer. The brand behind the mass shopping mania is Missoni.

Missoni launched its debut this week at Target.

The demand for it is so high that shoppers crashed Target’s shopping website Tuesday night. Shoppers were forced to constantly refresh their page.

One shopper stated that when she placed her confirmation on her shipping address and credit card info for her dress order, she then got the “oops page.”

The retail giant stated that as of today, Wednesday, the site is back up and running.

However, with so many shoppers, its unknown if there’s any Missoni products left. Many of them are listed as out of stock.

According to LA Times, it “seems as if everyone in the world descended on Target on Tuesday to get their hands on the new line of clothing, apparel, accessories and housewares featuring the zigzag patterns made famous by the upscale Italian design house.” Everyone wanted a piece of the 400-piece Missoni line.

Numerous shoppers purchased hundreds of dollars worth of products without even trying on the clothes. It didn’t matter to them. It was Missoni. Many of the local stores, like the one in Glendale, were sold out of Missoni by 9 a.m. Shops in the LA area reportedly had lines forming by 5:30 am.

At there were shoppers who were disappointed at the site’s failure to comply with the large demand. Many of the shoppers included were those who received order cancellations from Target.

There were those that expressed their dissatisfaction through Target’s Twitter account.  According to CBS News, one shopper, Anna Ferraiuolo, tweeted, “I placed an order 6am yesterday for Missoni, received confirmation & JUST NOW got an e-mail that you canceled my order?” Another, Ansa Ahmed, tweeted, “”Just received an email from @TargetStyle that my order that I made at 5am yesterday was canceled. SERIOUSLY?!?”

It is unknown whether Target and Missoni will restock the products, despite the high demand. Only time will time. For now, Missoni fans will have to hover patiently at the stores and website in case of any returns. Or there is always Ebay.

Photos courtesy of Marlith and Jay Reed via WikiCommons and Kelly Hau, Michael Mandiberg, and Charlene McBride via Flickr.

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