Mass Effect 2 DLC: The Arrival

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The new DLC has been released this week to the general public, creating even more game time for this year’s popular game, Mass Effect 2.  And to all those Max Shepherd fans out there, he continues to fight with this game’s new downloadable content (DLC), called The Arrival.

In the game’s original play, it sadly leaves the player hanging with its final parting shot revealing its heroes in serious trouble. This was intentional, so the game fans would be drooling for the future installment of Mass Effect 3 – typical gaming franchises behavior.

According to the GamePro site, The Arrival will help bridge the game gap between these two games and is considered as Mass Effect 2’s epilogue. The new content deals with a variety of features throughout the game. It is played as a solo operation where Max Shepherd is allowed no companions to follow with him, thereby creating more of a challenge for him. Players will have to learn to play on their own combat skills rather than rely on the game’s team playing strategies. This forces the players to use elements like their environment to avoid conflicts.

According to the BioWare game site, the player will be able to discover new research relating to the game as well as three new achievements that are now available.

Shepherd’s mission involves battling the ugly Batarian alien race to rescue an undercover agent that went missing after the agent sent reports of a future Reaper invasion.

Surprisingly you can download this new content without having to defeat the game yet, although it’s going to cost. On the game site it says that for Xbox 360 it is 560 MS points, for PC its 560 BioWare points, and for PS3 it is $6.99. Enjoy this exciting new installment and tackle down some more Batarians.

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