March Madness and Sweet 16: SDSU vs. UConn

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March Madness is bigger than ever in San Diego, with the SDSU Aztecs demonstrating an incredible performance vs. Temple this weekend to survive the first cut and make it into the Sweet 16.

Unlike the story reported from Bleacher Report, it is San Diego State, not UCSD in the tournament. With a lot of schools in San Diego, the confusion is understandable, but really? Let’s fact check. Here’s what really happened with SDSU:

Coach Steve Fisher was more than pleased with the Aztec’s performance: “We found a way to win it,” he said in an interview after the game.

What’s Next?

The #2 seeded SDSU Aztecs face the #3 seeded UConn Huskies in Anaheim this Thursday to kick-off the next round of games and for a much anticipated shot as an Elite Eight contender.  But are they set to win? The Aztecs have more talent overall, but UConn’s superstar Kemba Walker is one of the best players in college basketball.  He could still bring his powerhouse moves to dominate.

A slight benefit: the Aztecs are the only team playing in their home state.  Anaheim is just 100 miles away, giving them somewhat of a homecourt advantage over UConn’s 3000 mile travel.

Looking at other competitors, the Ohio State Buckeyes vs. Kentucky Wildcats this Friday is a game not to miss. The Buckeyes have long been known as one of the best teams in the tournament, if not the best in the nation.

“Just so many weapons on our team,” Ohio State senior David Lighty said after the Buckeyes defeated George Mason on Sunday with a 98-66 lead. They are undeniably a leading contender for the championships this year, and not surprisingly with their #1 seed from the outset.

Here is the Sweet 16 schedule for this weekend:

Thursday, March 24

7:15 p.m, CBS: San Diego State Aztecs vs. Connecticut Huskies Lundquist/Raftery/Visser

7:27 p.m., TBS: Florida vs. BYU Cougars Johnson/Elmore/Miller/Snider

9:45 p.m., CBS: Duke Blue Devils vs. Arizona Wildcats Lundquist/Raftery/Visser

9:57 p.m. TBS: Wisconsin Badgers vs. Butler Bulldogs Johnson/Elmore/Miller

Friday, March 25

7:15 p.m. CBS: North Carolina Tar Heels vs. Marquette Golden Eagles Nantz/Kellogg//Wolfson

7:27 p.m., TBS: Kansas Jayhawks vs. Richmond Spiders Albert/Kerr//Sager

9:45 p.m., CBS: Ohio State Buckeyes vs. Kentucky Wildcats Nantz/Kellogg//Wolfson

9:57 p.m., TBS: Florida State Seminoles vs. VCU Rams Albert/Kerr/Sager

Who is in your Sweet 16 bracket? Are you placing your bets on SDSU?

See more on the schedule here.

For more information on the Aztecs, visit the SDSU website.

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