Legoland Census 2010

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Image by Fluteflute via Wikimedia Commons

Image by Fluteflute via Wikimedia Commons

Have you submitted your Census report yet? In an effort to get visitors in on the action, Legoland has partnered with the U.S. Census Bureau to raise awareness for the nation’s decennial head count– by dispatching its Master Model Builders in the arduous task of counting the population in Miniland, U.S.A.

In conjunction with the 2010 U.S. Census, Legoland has created its own Census Bureau to tally up the number of “Minilanders” that reside in the Carlsbad theme park. The head count when the park opened in 1999 was at around 5,000 Minilanders, but since then, additions such as a Lego Las Vegas, marina, and Daytona International Speedway have rendered the figures inaccurate. Minilanders, or 4-inch tall Lego people, occupy the numerous areas of Miniland, U.S.A., which include Lego models of Washington D.C., San Francisco, New Orleans, and New York.

Legoland’s newest display has no formal connection with the Census Bureau, and was funded entirely by the theme park. It is one of the thousands of corporate, nonprofit, and community organizations partnering to promote participation in this year’s census. Promoting the Lego company’s commitment to playful learning, the display aims to encourage dialogue about the Census process among its young visitors. Later in the month, U.S. Census workers will be at the park answering questions and informing visitors about the Census.

The Legoland Census Bureau has installed an addition of 6 Census workers into the populace of Minilanders, which can be spied by their red uniforms, knocking on doors and speaking to Miniland crowds. This interactive I-spy-like game will be on display until July, and the results will be released a few weeks into the survey. Just like for normal-sized people, another Miniland head count will be conducted in 2020.

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