Entertainer Quickie: James Farentino dies of Heart Failure; Demi Moore Hospitalized

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James Farentino dies of Heart Failure

James Farentino died Tuesday at the age of 73 due to heart failure after a long illness.  He had been admitted to L.A.’s Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, but was not able to pull through.  He is survived by two sons, David and Saverio, and his wife Stella Farentino.

Ever since arriving on the spectrum of Hollywood elite with a Golden Globe for Most Prominent Newcomer in 1967, James Farentino has never failed to be in the spotlight.

Born in Brooklyn on February 24, 1938 and educated at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Farentino has since been a part of nearly 100 TV shows and films.  Dating back to 1962 with an appearance on the TV series Naked City, a New York crime drama, he began to make his mark on television.  It was in the Universal Pictures production of The Pad and How to Use It that he received his Golden Globe and was launched into numerous roles as he became a contract player for Universal Pictures.  Other noteworthy parts he accumulated include appearing as Saint Peter in the special Jesus of Nazareth, Dr. Nick Toscanni on Dynasty, George Clooney’s father on E.R., and Mr. Beck on Melrose Place.

Besides maintaining a busy career in dramatic and comedic roles on television and the big screen, James Farentino established a chaotic personal life.  Coupled with his rise to stardom and critical acclaim was a recurring appearance in the tabloids for numerous divorces and trouble with the police.  His first wife was Elizabeth Ashley to whom he was married from 1962 to 1965.  This divorce was abruptly followed by others to Michele Lee and Debrah Mullowney.  His current wife as well as James himself had filed for divorce on separate occasions, but the two were still married at the time of his death.  In the 90s he also faced drug possession charges and later an accusation of battery from a man he allegedly tried to forcibly remove from his home.  Despite those highly publicized moments he may be most notably know for his 1994 no contest plea to stalking his ex-girlfriend, Tina Sinatra, the youngest daughter of Frank Sinatra.  Regarding his scandalous life he is famously quoted for saying:

“There are people in this business that for years said, ‘He’s an alcoholic. He’s a drunk. He stalked Tina.’ And the clamps were put on me in many ways. Unless you’re making big box office, they’re going to kill you. And that’s OK because one thing they can’t take away from me is whatever talent I feel I have, that people feel I have.”- James Farentino

Regardless of how his personal life has been recorded he is sure to be remembered as an iconic actor of his generation.

Demi Moore Hospitalized

Demi Moore was admitted to a hospital for exhaustion and was reportedly taken from her L.A. home to a local hospital late Tuesday night.  The past few months have been difficult for the actress as she has filed for divorce from her husband of six years Ashton Kutcher.

A rep for Demi released this statement to USA Today:“Because of the stresses in her life right now, Demi has chosen to seek professional assistance to treat her exhaustion and improve her overall health. She looks forward to getting well and is grateful for the support of her family and friends. We have no comment beyond this statement”

Rumors have circulated that a substance abuse issue is at hand.  For now all that can be confirmed is that Moore has withdrawn from her role playing female activist Gloria Steinem in an upcoming film about the horrors of the porn industry.

The film, Lovelace, centers around the porn star Linda Lovelace (played by Amanda Seyfried) and how she is abused by the industry before regaining control over her own life.  As Demi is hospitalized Ashton Kutcher is in Brazil and had not yet commented on the event.

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