IPhone 8 rumored to have no charging cord, home button

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Tap tap tap. 

Can you hear that? That’s the sound of your thumbs on the new iPhone 8, which has been rumored to have a full touch-screen without the use of a home button.

And that’s great news for all of you Mac fans—who have been inured by the lethargic launch scheduling of its latest products.

There have been many ramblings -and not of the pernicious type- about the iPhone 8, which is expected to release next year—marking the ten-year anniversary of the revolutionary touch-screen phone. Perhaps the most eye-opening of them all is the use of an inductive charger that will transfer energy to the phone.

The charging device, which is still in the patent stage, should not be taken at face value. Indeed, Apple has accumulated a large amount of patents during its company history, and yet many of them result in a null production process.

Can this one be any different?

Of course, the sequential query may be asked how the user can log into the phone once turned on. Some have speculated that the screen will be calibrated so that the user can tap anywhere on the screen to be ensure a secure login process. It can almost be assumed that this new addition to the iPhone will be a source for complaining by its patrons, and rightly so.

After all, it has taken Apple a decade to release a phone with full touch-screen capabilities; and the blame can’t be directed towards the lack of technological sophistication. In fact, the burgeoning of touch screen products has become an almost fashionable niche in the tech industry.

Indeed, in some ways, the iPhone has retreated backwards in terms its capabilities. For example, the newest updates the product has seen came in the form of decorative features—new emojis, screen message animations, text manipulation, etc. To state is less pedantically, the phone company has been releasing an increased amount of useless updates.

The initial release of the product line, which came in the form of the iPhone 3g, was leaps ahead of all competitors in the market upon release. Most of its updates were composed of relevant patches that regularly increased phone storage, and other things that made the phone run smoother.

It remains to be seen if the iPhone 8 will allow for a much seamless user experience—one without any noticeable glitches or issues that detract from a satisfactory experience.

Stay tuned for more news regarding Apple’s new product in the near future.



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