Hurricane Matthew expected to hit Florida Friday morning

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The powerful category 4, Hurricane Matthew made landfall Tuesday night near Cuba and nearby locations are bracing for the worst.

The National Hurricane Center said that the storm is tearing through the Bahamas and is sustaining winds of 130 mph. The hurricane is moving north towards Florida and the Carolina’s and is expected to continue getting stronger.

Florida residents are scrambling to be as prepared as possible as it is expected Hurricane Matthew will arrive to Florida on Friday morning. In South Carolina, Governor Nikki Haley activated the South Carolina National Guard and have evacuated all coastal communities and schools.

If Hurricane Matthew hits Florida as expected, the destruction will be the worst destruction from a hurricane that the United States has seen in years.

As of this evening, Matthews’s path is still in the Bahamas which is said to be experiencing a 10 to 15 foot storm surge with more than a foot of rain. Flooding is a major concern in all areas the storm is expected to hit. Roads in these areas have been jam packed as residents attempt to leave the area before the hurricane hits. Both Carolinas and Florida are under an extreme evacuation authorities are urging people to be as prepared as possible.

Water bottles and extra food have been flying off the supermarket shelves, and all safety officials are ensuring everyone is bracing for impact.

According to officials, many are worried because the path of the hurricane is uncertain after it hits the United States. Several people are suggesting the hurricane will loop back around after reaching North Carolina, meaning the storm could potentially stay in Florida for over a week.

In any situation, a storm of this size can be very unpredictable, and it is encouraged that all residents be prepared for a massive hit. You can track Hurricane Matthew here. 

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