Hundreds of SDSU Students Camp Out For Basketball Tickets

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This morning at 7:30 a.m., more than 2,500 student tickets were distributed for the SDSU-BYU basketball game tomorrow morning. Students starting camping out at Viejas Arena on Tuesday afternoon, despite the cold weather conditions. With the SDSU basketball team being number six in the nation and a 27-1 record, students did whatever they could to get tickets for this exciting game.

The Aztecs prepare for an intense game against the BYU Cougars, who are number seven in national rankings. The team will be getting a lot of student support, and every seat in Viejas Arena will be filled. Students have been walking around campus showing their Aztec pride, and hopefully this enthusiasm will help the Aztecs win.

SDSU student Bethany Scribner was among the hundreds of other students waiting in line to get tickets. She saw people in line on Tuesday and realized that if she wanted tickets to this game, she had to get in line as soon as possible. “I want to make this happen,” Scribner said.

The students sat outside enjoying the comfort of Aztec pride, getting to know one another. Scribner waited outside for approximately 51 hours. Many students decided to take shifts waiting in line in order for them to go to class. There was a group of around 30 people who decided to do this. However, students became angry when this huge group of people got in front of them in line right before tickets were distributed this morning.

To celebrate the camp-out, the basketball team recognized all their support from students by taking pictures with fans, along with signing autographs. The Intra-Fraternity Council, along with Associated Students and Aztec Nights hosted a two-hour festival called Fisherville in front of Viejas Arena on Thursday night.   The SDSU Alumni Association distributed free pizza, water, coffee and Gatorade to students. Basketball coach Steve Fisher walked through the line and shook hands with students, signed autographs, and was so appreciative of all the support.

“There’s no way I’m not going to this game,” said Scribner. “It’s cool to think we have come this far. This is why you go to college; its for these unforgettable experiences.”

Photo by SD Dirk via Flickr


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