Facebook’s new “Reply” feature.

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urlDon’t you just love checking your social network in the morning and finding something new and different – some new function or interface?  It’s like having a new flavor of coffee.  There will soon be something new to love – the Facebook “Reply” button.

This new feature will allow people to have threaded conversations on branded pages. This way there can be an open dialogue amongst groups in the social media network.

This “Reply” button is meant to do a few things:

#1.) Allow conversations to be more organized -no more messy comment streams.

#2.) Relevant comments will be moved to the top.

#3.) Spammers will be weeded out.

Currently, this great feature is available for branded pages, with larger audiences. A Page Administrator can opt in, but those pages with 10,000 + followers will automatically get this feature starting July 10.

Wouldn’t you also love to see this feature added to the individual profiles of people? This is a feature that makes a lot of sense.

Sure you have seen those strenuously long conversations amongst your politically inclined friends – you know what we’re talking about. The ones who “@________” the person they want to reply to, even if it’s 10 comments below.

It’s dizzying having to scroll up or down, in an attempt to keep track of the conversation.  Facebook is sure to make this feature available to all in the near future.

While some people don’t respond well to change, the social network’s ability to reinvent and to implement the latest trends in information divulging is admirable. This is the information age, and we are continually gravitating toward highly visual and concise information. Can’t wait to see what other functions Facebook implements.

And to give you a hint for what’s to come on Facebook features – did you just hear a “ding?”

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