Everything you Need to Know About the Solar Eclipse

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A total solar eclipse hasn’t been visible in the United States for 99 years, meaning that on August 21, we’re in for a real treat. For some, the eclipse will only be visible for a minute, and most will not see the total eclipse. For others, the solar event will be visible for more than an hour. Unfortunately, the marine layer might block the view of the solar eclipse in San Diego, but time will tell.

Best Places to Watch the Solar Eclipse

The best places to watch the solar eclipse are 12 different states: Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina. These 12 states are lucky enough to be in the “path of totality.”

If the marine layer doesn’t block it, there are a few places to view the solar eclipse in San Diego. The total solar eclipse will reach it’s maximum viewing point at 10:23 am and will end around 11:45 am. Balboa Park is hosting an event to view the eclipse at the Fleet Science Center at 9 am in the central plaza. Also, many libraries are having a “Sky Party @ The Library,” where you can also view the eclipse.

What is a total solar eclipse?

Every 18 months, the moon, earth and sun  align with each other. Thus, the moon casts a shadow over the earth. Only a small portion of the earth are in the “path of totality” (center of the shadow) and can see it. Astronomers say that solar eclipses are actually “pure coincidences,” even though they are “spectacular.”

Myths about the Solar Eclipse

Many myths about the solar eclipse have been made considering it is quickly approaching this Monday. For example, many groups of people have been scared of the solar eclipse; such as the Chippewa people, one of the biggest groups of American Indians. In fact, they were so terrified of it that they shot their arrows into the sky in order to make the sun beam again. Also, during 2010, many people didn’t leave their homes out of fear. As a matter of fact, restaurants and hotels saw a decrease in businesses and some schools closed down.

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