Erin Andrews nude photos on web still creating headlines

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ESPN reporter to appear on Oprah September 11

Even being a writer for an online magazine like the San Diego Entertainer, I’m still amazed by the way certain ‘news’ on the internet is broadcast out so very rapidly.

ESPN sideline reporter Erin Andrews is an example of this.  With one blurry five-minute video that was shot at a hotel without her knowledge, she became one of the most highly searched persons on the internet. The video itself  was searched by literally millions (maybe skewing a bit toward guys, perhaps) when it became apparent through ‘word-of-mouth’ that it was indeed her in the video.

She has made it clear she plans to seek criminal charges and file lawsuits against whoever shot the video (still no one knows who it was) and anyone who publishes it. This has taken the video ‘underground,’ but not until after some websites began referring to her as “Erin Pageviews” because of the immense traffic she generated.

It is not clear when the video of Andrews in the hotel room first appeared on the Internet. The person who first posted the video didn’t identify the nude woman, and Andrews’ attorney later confirmed the video was of the 31-year-old reporter.

Andrews will be working on air Thursday night for the first time since the video became widespread news, as she’ll be working the sidelines for ESPN’s broadcast of South Carolina at North Carolina State.


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