Entertainer Quickie: Drake & Serena, Mariah’s Pregnacy Rumors, and Courtney Love’s Cobain Tribute

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The “Entertainer Quickie” is back! It’s our goal to give you the entertainment information you want, without wasting your time. While our focus in on San Diego arts, dining, entertainment and lifestyle, we know that there’s interest in celebrity news (even if it has nothing to do with San Diego).

Get all the trending celebrity topics out of the way, all in one place with today’s Entertainer Quickie.

Drake and Serena Williams spotted in public make-out sesh

Drake and Serena Williams dined at a Cincinnati restaurant on Sunday with a group of friends. Reports and photos have surfaced showing them with locked lips. They have been rumors of romance for months now, and photographic evidence proves that they, at the very least, have had one romantic encounter. Are they dating? hooking up? It’s up to interpretation for now.

Mariah Carey denies pregnancy rumors

An Austrialian tabloid has released claims that the singer billionaire boyfriend James Packer are expecting a child, but Carey’s rep is denying the claim. Carey has twins with Nick Cannon. The couple filed for divorce late in 2014.

Courtney Love shares nostalgic photos of Kurt Cobain and daughter Frances

Courtney Love posted two touching photos of Kurt Cobain with daughter Frances Bean on Instagram over the weekend. Cobain died in 1994 at the young age of 27.  The photos showcase a beautiful moment in the couple’s life, shot for a 1992 issue of Spin magazine.

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