The Dark Knight Rises Won’t Be in 3-D

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If you love superhero movies, then you obviously can’t wait to find out more about the next installment in Christopher Nolan’s Batman series. Up to this point, Nolan has been very hush-hush about his plans for the sequel to The Dark Knight. He recently released some very interesting tidbits though.

We as fans now know that the title of the next movie will be The Dark Knight Rises. It isn’t the most creative name but it is pretty captivating once you think about the plot and how Batman is currently a fugitive on-the-run in his hometown of Gotham City. Nolan has also released more information about the highly anticipated movie that will begin filming around the summer of 2011 including the key fact that it won’t be in 3-D.

This surprising point solidifies Nolan’s hate for movies in the 3-D format. He has never been a fan of the idea and refused to format his smash hit Inception into a 3-D masterpiece. Nolan would essentially be throwing away $300 million extra dollars that could be earned through 3-D ticket sales. Even though the movie won’t be in 3-D, Nolan has assured fans that it will be available in high definition IMAX theaters and that he will be using IMAX cameras to capture the breathtaking images of the movie. This is a continuation of the success that The Dark Knight has had with fans and critics. The ability to see the movie on a bigger screen, in higher quality and with better sound is a very enticing option in itself without all the hoop-la of 3-D.

Aside from the movie title and 3-D announcement, Nolan has revealed that the villain in the next movie will not be the infamous Riddler. Earlier in the year, Nolan ruled out the popular Mr. Freeze as well which leaves The Penguin and Catwoman as the biggest remaining arch-rivals of Batman. The idea of Catwoman as an enemy and love-interest is captivating in itself.

At the end of the day, all we can do for now is patiently wait for Nolan to release more information on his soon-to-be hit while anticipating the release date of The Dark Knight Rises. What do you think about Nolan’s decision to toss away the 3-D format?

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