Boston Dynamics’ Robots Want to Show You Some New Tricks

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If mankind is ever faced with a Skynet-esque doomsday, the robots coming from Boston Dynamics will probably be to blame. No disrespect towards the brilliant minds behind this company, but the robots they have been developing are captivating yet downright terrifying. Earlier this month, the robotics company released videos of its Atlas and MiniSpot doing some new tricks that will simply blow your mind.

Their most humanoid-looking robot, the Atlas, previously made waves in the news after the company released a video showing it performing complex movements, including doing a backflip off a box. In a new video, they display the Atlas’ new capabilities, including being able to run at a steady jog and being able to jump over obstacles on uneven terrain. This new update shows just how human-like the movements of the Atlas model have become.

The already creepy-looking SpotMini has received an even creepier update. This doglike robot is shown in a new video being able to navigate through the office without any human intervention. It is also shown effortlessly walking down a set of stairs, showing off its nimble movement skills. For all you Black Mirror fans, you might see the similarities in the SpotMini robot and the killer robots in the “Metalhead” episode. This was the robot model that inspired an entire horror television episode where humans are being hunted by killer doglike robots. The SpotMini made its first appearance in 2016, where Boston Dynamics released a video showing the robot opening a door with its strange arm appendage, allowing for its fellow robotic friends to make their way through.

While the robots coming out of the Boston Dynamics labs are undeniably creepy, it is fascinating to see such colossal advancements in the fields of robotics. These models are still under development from the company, but in the future, expect to see the use of Boston Dynamics robots in the public and private sectors. Let’s just hope they don’t develop a mind of their own…

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