Adrianne Curry Promotes Her New Reality Show with Howard Stern

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America’s (first) Next Top Model winner Adrianne Curry is currently promoting her new reality show, Celebrity Sex Tales.  On Thursday morning, the model guest-starred on The Howard Stern radio show, which is notorious for explicit adult content, and the promo videos from Curry’s episode do not deter from that R-Rated stigma.

Is this really all that surprising, though?  The 28-year-old model and reality star has always flaunted her sexuality. She posed nude for the February 2006 issue of Playboy Magazine, and again in January 2008.  She has also posted topless photos of herself on Twitter.

Still, Curry insists that her new reality show, to be aired on Playboy TV, is not nearly as scandalous as the segment she did on Stern’s show.  “It’s not explicit like you would think that it would be or could be. I think that what you’re gonna see are stories and animation and things that are rooted more in good storytelling, great sense of humor,” she said.

Curry’s new show involves the animated recreations of funny encounters of both famous and non-famous guest stars.  Of course, it will feature embarrassing and hilarious awkward sexual encounters from a series of celebrities, Adrianne Curry included, recreated for audiences in cartoon form.

Some of these stories will undoubtedly involve her husband of 5 years, Christopher Knight, who played Peter Brady on the 70s sitcom, The Brady Bunch. Despite her very public displays of sexuality, the couple insists they are still very happily together.

“I love the fact that so many people hate the fact I’m married… clench your teeth and pull out your hair,” Curry tweeted after her appearance on Stern’s show.

Curry’s in-your-face demeanor and blatant sexuality may have been her claim to fame in the world of reality TV and Playboy Magazine, but many wonder if her publicity stunt on The Howard Stern show is the right kind of attention.

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