‘Wonder Woman:’ Sequel Coming Soon

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‘Wonder Woman’ was obviously a success for Warner Bros, considering it gave a female the rightfully earned role of saving the world; therefore, fans will be happy to know that a sequel is in the works. The sequel, on the other hand, will possess a different plot and setting that we didn’t expect.

The sequel will specifically be set in the 1980s after her adventures in WW1 and before Batman vs. Superman. In this film, Princess Diana will face off against the Soviet Union toward the end of the Cold War, so we’re clearly in for another action-packed film. Assuming so, Diana will be facing off on behalf of the United States government.

Interestingly enough, some unexpected characters will be back for the sequel which will come as exciting news to Wonder Women fans. Chris Pine is expected to return for the sequel contrary to how the film ended for his character, Steve Trevor, in the first ‘Wonder Woman.’

Also, DC Entertainment president Geoff Johns is currently working with Patty Jenkins to carefully write the script for the sequel.  This may come as a surprise considering it is unclear if she will take on a leadership role in officially writing the full script with him just yet since there is no confirmation.

Also, there is more exciting news considering more of Princess Diana coming to theaters soon. Thanks to ‘The Justice League,’ another DC Entertainment film is set to come out in November and features Wonder Woman. This film will also feature many other super heroes and villains, so get excited for another super movie coming to the big screen soon.

All and all, there is a lot to look forward to with the sequel of ‘Wonder Woman’ and ‘The Justice League’ coming to theaters in the near future. We will let you know if there are any further updates regarding these films as soon as we can. Until then, stay tuned.

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