Universal Brings Marvel Inspired Dark Universe To Theaters

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Get excited because Universal is bringing Marvel inspired monster movies Dark Universe to the theaters. The Dark Universe series will kick off with The Mummy this summer and the Bride of Frankenstein next year, so prepare for a long web of creepy and intriguing films from Universal.

On June 9, the Mummy will be released and will include an ample amount of creepy effects. Tom Cruise is the lead and Sofia Boutella will play the role of the mummy. Moreover, Russel Crowe will have a role in the film as Dr. Jekyll and it is directed by Alex Kurtzman. The trailer released was fully packed with exciting action-packed scenes and hair-raising techno music in the background.

The trailer also revealed that The Mummy will only be the first of many films in The Dark Universe series of films by saying, “Witness the beginning of the Dark Universe.” After this film, the Bride of Frankenstein will come to theaters on Feb. 14, 2019. Johnny Depp and Javier Bardem are already on board to play the roles of The Invisible Man and Frankenstein’s Monster. For a better glimpse of many of the films that will be involved in this series, watch the teaser Universal posted on Twitter with a compilation of past movies to build the hype for the “new world of gods and monsters.”

Casting for the next film, Bride of Frankenstein will be announced soon, as well as more spoilers. For now, watch the classic Marvel movies to prepare for the new world Universal has started to create. Also, make sure to watch the trailer for the Mummy and the sneak peak compiled by Universal.

We are excited to see what Universal has come up with for these Marvel inspired films and will keep you posted on further updates. Stay tuned with SD Entertainer.

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