Movie Review: Project X

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The story of high school nobodies gets revamped in this epic party film.  There’s all the same old stereotypes of the hot girl no one can touch, the jock that’s too cool to hang out with, and the general high school population that doesn’t realize the main characters exist.  The new twist comes thanks to producer Todd Phillips (The Hangover) and director Nima Nourizadeh who invite audiences to come to a party that is sure to go from one level of insanity to the next as it settles into its spot as the infamous party night.

“Project X” centers on three friends Thomas (Thomas Mann), Costa (Oliver Cooper), and JB (Jonathan Daniel Brown)and their final attempt to elevate themselves from the bottom of the high school food-chain by hosting a party “just big enough to be cool” for Thomas’s birthday.  Thanks to the unrelenting efforts of Costa the party gets big enough for hilarious situations, chaos, and an unforgettable night that turn the three into legends.  The movie follows the exploits of the partygoers as they attempt to rage until dawn and the inevitable consequences.

The cast and crew set out to make a crazy movie about a party that gets reckless and achieve that with success.  However, while there is no shortage of laughs or side-splitting situations there is a serious lack of plot or depth to the film.  Characters are one dimensional at best and the star of the film is without a doubt the party itself instead of any of the actors or actresses.  Having said that it is one insane party that Todd Phillips produces.  Being shot from a perspectives of a household video camera, camera phones, and police cameras creates a new and intriguing found-footage feel to the it.  With a cast of unknowns the audience feels as though they are watching a home movie, but it’s definitely a home video that the stars would not want their kids watching.  Drugs, sex, crude humor, and alcohol are paramount in the film, but their presence fuels the party as it blows past the precedent set by other party movies.  Those hoping to get a taste of Todd Phillip’s trademark style won’t be disappointed.  Project X promises to act as The Hangover’s unruly, crazed teenage counterpart.

The movie may have gained some inspiration from the house party of Corey Delaney in 2008.  The Australian youth posted the address of his house party on MySpace which resulted in about 500 people attending and an estimated $20,000 in property damage.  The films creators catapult off those humble beginnings to create a party that is substantially more damaging and legendary making audiences laugh out loud, cheer, and want to go out and party as soon as they exit the movie theater.

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