New releases coming to theaters in April

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Now that the warmer weather is starting to roll in, a few hours in a movie theater seems like an entertaining way to escape the heat. Movies are an art form that can indulge imagination, clear your head of worries, give you a good laugh, and sometimes even make you cry. The month of April is full of exciting new releases, so grab a sweet or salty snack and head to your favorite theater to catch a flick.


After the death of his sister, Frank (played by Chris Evans) becomes the guardian of his seven year old niece, Mary. When it is discovered that Mary is a child prodigy, Frank is left to navigate her guardianship and make difficult choices about her wellbeing.  The heartfelt trailer depicts an adorable, witty child prodigy and her uncle grasping to make sense of childhood, innocence, and responsibility.  Also depicted in the trailer is an ugly custody battle between Frank and his mother. The characters each struggle to balance their own ideas of normalcy and good intentions. (Release Date: April 7th)


When his mission goes awry, Mike Stevens (played by Armie Hammer) attempts to escape danger, but instead he ends up trapped on a land mine. He is left to wait alone for 52 hours while a team attempts to locate and rescue him. Until then, he must endure psychological and physical turmoil.  Trapped with one foot on a mine and thus unable to move, the main character is sedentary for most of the film. However, Mine is still packed with action and adventure. Mine is a psychological thriller — Mike Stevens struggles through physical, emotional, and mental pain for more than two days as he awaits his fate. (Release Date: April 7th)

Going in Style

This action/comedy hybrid features Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine and Alan Arkin. On the brink of retirement, the trio discovers that their pension plans have been frozen and they have been robbed of their livelihood. The friends decide to take matters into their own hands and rob the bank that managed their pension funds. The hilarity ensues as these quirky retirees forge ahead with their plans. Although lighthearted, this film offers comic relief for the disastrous economical events that devastated many. (Release Date: April 7th)

April has movies for all of your entertainment preferences– comedy, drama, action/adventure, and thrillers.  Head to the theater to enjoy buttery popcorn, candy, soda, and the full experience of watching a good movie.

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