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Movies have long been a much-needed way for people to escape the troubles of daily life, and now more than ever, we could use them. Despite the film industry’s current hiatus, movie studios and distributors are rethinking how to get new releases out to consumers. 

Many of the films recently released never had the chance to have a full box-office run, so studios are moving to release these titles on streaming platforms and digital distribution very soon. As we collectively remain in our homes during these trying times, a good movie has always been something that can raise spirits. Hopefully, you will find this true.  Here are the titles that are released or are being released soon. 

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker – Disney+

The third and final installment of the latest Star Wars trilogy is now available for streaming on Disney+. 

Frozen 2 – Disney

The highly anticipated follow-up to Frozen was released three months earlier than planned. Frozen 2 introduces us to new characters and more adventure in the land of Arendelle. 

March 20

The Invisible Man – iTunes, Prime Video

A reboot of the classic Hollow Man, Invisible Man is a home-run science-fiction thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time. 

The Hunt – iTunes, Prime Video 

When a group of down-to-earth Americans finds themselves in a nightmarish game where they are hunted for a sport by the wealthy elite, they must come together to survive. 

Emma – iTunes, Prime Video

This new adaptation of Jane Austen’s Emma features a stellar cast with incredible performances by Anya-Taylor Joy. 

Onward – iTunes, Prime Video, then Disney+ on April 3

The newest film from Pixar, Onward is set in a mythical world full of magical creatures that are surprisingly just like us. Onward features the voices of Chris Pratt and Tom Holland. 

March 24 

Birds of Prey – iTunes, Prime Video 

This female-driven superhero flick is full of zany action and features a killer cast with Margot Robbie as the enigmatic Harley Quinn. 

Bloodshot – Digital Purchase 

The Vin Diesel comic book adaptation looks to feature some of the coolest CGI we’ve seen this year and seems to be packed with nonstop action. 

Just Mercy – Streaming, Digital Purchase 

A film based on the Equal Justice Institute Founder Bryan Stevenson, Just Mercy is coming to streaming and digital. 

The Gentlemen – Digital Purchase 

This crime-thriller from Guy Ritchie features a terrific cast and plenty of crazy action. 

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