Movie Brief: Faster

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“The Rock” is back in furious form (no “Tooth Fairy” here) and it’s good to see what he does best.

Having been released from prison after 10 years, muscle-bound “Driver” (Dwayne Johnson) sprints toward freedom and finds his ride. He single-mindedly hunts and guns down those who set up and ambushed his gang after a bank robbery getaway and executed his brother in cold blood.

With high-strung “Killer” (Oliver Jackson-Cohen), deadbeat “Cop” (Billy Bob Thornton) and inquisitive “Detective” (Cicero; Carla Gugino) in pursuit, it’s a race for Driver to finish his job. Telemarketer, sex offender, strip club bouncer, priest (and eventually leader) have nowhere to hide. “God can’t save you from me,” as Driver states with a straight face.

It’s a stark story (the main characters don’t even have names). There’s no confusion or hesitation as far as Driver’s intention, although Cop may have his own reason to chase other than justice. In a supporting role as Cop’s wife, Moon Bloodgood holds a connection that shouldn’t be dismissed. Killer provides a tad of flash with his “movie-star” good looks, cash, requisite sports car and beautiful woman (Maggie Grace).

“Faster” is a Dwayne Johnson movie; kill first and talk later. It’s nothing more, nothing less and that’s what I expected.

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Nathalia Aryani is a Rotten Tomatoes-approved film critic ( She has a movie blog, The MovieMaven ( Twitter: @the_moviemaven. She can be reached at [email protected].

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