“Man on a Ledge” Movie Review

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If you enjoy watching films that give you a sense of vertigo and thrill, then Asger Leth’s “Man on a Ledge” is just the film for you to see. Throughout the film the audience is constantly left in nail –biting suspense as the story focuses on a man who is literally on a ledge.

Man on a Ledge” is about an ex-cop, Nick Cassidy (Sam Worthington), who claims he was falsely accused of a crime he didn’t commit.

After the former cop/convict pulls off a brilliant escape from his handlers, he winds up on a 200 foot ledge of his hotel room. When negotiators rush to the scene his first request is to have police negotiator Lydia Mercer (Elizabeth Banks) on the scene. Mercer is a tough no-nonsense cop who is haunted by actions in the past that are unknown at first.

The film becomes more intense as the focus shifts from Nick to his brother Joey Cassidy (Jamie Bell) and Joey’s girlfriend Angie  as the couple try to break into the vault that belongs to corrupt real-estate owner David Englander (Ed Harris).

“Man on a Ledge” pulled it off really well as a suspense thriller. While certain parts of the film quickly become obvious, the film still leaves the audience in anticipation of each new twist in the story. Also, let’s not forget the film’s breathtaking views of the Manhattan city. Cassidy’s vantage point of looking down on the city’s streets gives the audience a feeling of dizziness and vertigo.

Ed Harris played his dark and brutal character fantastically and really showed how cynical he can be. Sam Worthington did a fantastic performance in his role of Nick Cassidy. He gave the audience a real in-depth view in to the character. Elizabeth Banks also did a wonderful job as Cassidy’s only ally, Lydia Mercer. The actress is able to show her audience the real depth of the woman’s character as they see a person who is willing to go to whatever lengths necessary to save Cassidy and redeem herself.

jamie and gisela did a great job as well in their roles throughout the film. The antics and bantering between the two and their sexual appeal towards each other lightens the film’s mood and adds comedy to the plot. These supporting characters make the film easily enjoyable to watch and still leave the audience in suspense.

The audience is relentlessly left to wonder what great lengths is the protagonist willing to go to prove his innocence. Will he be forced to jump or not? “Man on a Ledge” is certainly one film worth seeing.

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