La Mission Movie Review: Tackling Cultural Divides with Humor on the Side

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La Mission, a independent film directed and written by Peter Bratt is in theater’s now. Peter Bratt is popular TV and film actor Benjamin Bratt’s brother. In this movie the two worked together in creative harmony as Benjamin Bratt shines in the starring role. The story of La Mission is riveting from start to finish with a twist you wouldn’t expect judging by the first few scenes of low riders and rough and tumble gentile.

Benjamin Bratt plays Che, the strong male figure and reformed prisoner from the Mission district in San Francisco. Che is a single dad to Jes, a high school senior, who despite hardships is an excellent student and looks forward to graduation and college at UCLA.

La Mission conquers stereo types and puts a real life twist on obvious divides. In a neighborhood like La Mission, anything that makes you different will be seen as a weakness. As Jes faces the turmoil from his peers, neighborhood and families who dislike a lifestyle that he identifies with, there’s a lot of pressure. Che loves his son, but it’s tough for him to understand Jes, and to accept Jes for who he is.

La Mission serves up a hot dish of reality in today’s world, with good humor on the side. Throughout the film the audience’s laughter bellows as the interesting characters banter and drop punch lines. It’s a surprising dramatic-comedy, and anyone can relate to parts of the film.

With fancy low riders, highlights of Aztec culture and characters from many walks of life, La Mission is a must-see.

Benjamin and Peter Bratt grew up in the Mission neighborhood of San Francisco, which helped to inspire and develop the film. La Mission features a few actors in starring roles as their debut on the big screen, an opportunity that the Bratt’s wanted to extend to their community.

Benjamin and Peter Bratt stopped at Hard Rock in San Diego on Saturday, May 1st to address the press and celebrate the launch of La Mission. On lookers, fans and hotel guests seemed to be mystified by the presence of such a well known actor, Benjamin Bratt.

Peter Bratt was wearing tennis shoes, while his Emmy award winning brother uncharacteristically was also dressed casually. The brothers, who also produced the film, answered questions and greeted fans.

To learn more about the movie La Mission you can visit the website.

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