Aladdin Live Action Cast Revealed

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Time to get your magic carpets out because the wait is over. Finally, the live action cast for the upcoming ‘Aladdin’ movie has been released. Even though we are excited about the cast finally being revealed, there are some mixed reviews regarding the final picks.

After some social media push-back from fans after Disney announced they were having trouble finding the perfect cast, Disney finally found their ‘Aladdin,’ Jasmine, and Genie for the Guy Ritchie directed film remake. Ritchie took over two months to find what he thought was a flawless cast and went through close to 2,000 candidates to finally come to this consensus. Although nearly all fans are happy about the new Aladdin (Mena Massoud) and Genie (Will Smith), the mixed feelings are attributed to the pick for Jasmine.

For the upcoming film, Naomi Scott who starred previously in ‘Power Rangers,’ will take on the lead role of Jasmine alongside Massoud. Many are not happy about Disney’s pick for Jasmine because Scott is of¬†British and Indian heritage. Some critics find this decision suggestive that everyone of Middle Eastern heritage looks the same. Disney has not yet responded to the critic’s comments.

Considering this film and casting will follow in the footsteps of ‘Beauty and the Beast,’ which Emma Watson starred in, the upcoming remake of ‘Aladdin’ has big shoes to fill. ‘Beauty and the Beasts’ success actually broke records for a $170 million debut and over $1.3 billion worldwide. Even though some critics are unhappy with the director’s decision of the cast, we are hopeful for the best for ‘Aladdin,’ and especially excited for Will Smith’s humor as the comical genie.

Up next for Disney’s array of remakes is the classic ‘Mulan’ movie, which is expected to come out after ‘Aladdin.’ We are optimistic that the casting for this film will also be out soon, considering the search for acting roles has already started and filming has begun in mainland China. We are excited for Disney’s next remakes and will let you know if there is further information regarding premiere dates as soon as we know.

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