When is the Best Time to Exercise?

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Exercising regularly is an important thing to do if you want to lead a healthy lifestyle, but finding the time to fit it into our busy lives can sometimes be difficult. Typically, people will exercise before or after work, so it’s a good idea to identify which times will be most effective in helping you reach your goals.

Before we dive into what time is best for exercise, it is important to understand how our body reacts to certain times of the day. Our “circadian rhythm”, or biological clock, helps our bodies regulate everything from blood pressure to body temperature, and can be an important characteristic in defining our overall health.

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Early morning exercise

We often hear that exercising in the morning is helpful because it doesn’t let our responsibilities interfere, allowing for greater focus. Despite this, there are no concrete studies supporting the claim that exercising bright and early is more optimal for your body. When it comes to early morning exercise, the one thing to consider is how you feel in the mornings. If you’re an early riser that wakes up feeling alert and focused, than morning exercise may be the thing for you. Not to mention you’ll be beating the crowds at the gym and allow you to have greater focus and efficiency with your workouts.

Exercise before or after eating

The food we eat plays a major role while we exercise. Working out on an empty stomach means your body has burned all of its primary energy source, and will now resort to burning more fat. If you eat a meal before exercise, then your body will have a primary fuel source to get you through your workout. So which is better? Studies show that overall, there isn’t much difference between the two. It mainly boils down to the quality of the meal you are eating. If you eat a small, healthy meal before exercise, your body will have plenty of energy, potentially pushing you to work harder, leading to more fat burned than if you had not eaten.

Evening exercise

Exercise in the evening is typically the most popular for those who have a typical work day, and has a number of benefits over early morning exercise. Working out in the evening means you could have more energy after a day of eating and fueling your body. Exercising in the evening can also be a great outlet to reduce your overall stresses that may accumulate throughout your day. If you prefer to be social during exercise, evening workout can make it easier to find a gym class you like or a workout partner to help keep you accountable.

The verdict

Overall, there truly isn’t a simple formula showing the optimal time for you to exercise during the day. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which time best fits your schedule. In the end, the best thing to do is stay consistent with your exercise, eat a healthy diet, and try to switch it up.


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