Tree San Diego: Keeping Our City Green

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Deforestation is a serious concern that is impacting San Diego County and can lead to a number of serious consequences if not immediately addressed. However, Tree San Diego is an organization dedicated to helping contribute to boosting the overall environmental health in the San Diego region.

As San Diego County continues to grow and develop, the quantity of urban forest is being reduced. This can contribute towards climate change, soil erosion, and increased gases in the atmosphere. It is estimated that the tree canopy in San Diego is 60-70 percent below what it should be for both humans and the environment.

Tree San Diego is a non-profit organization that collaborates with a number of public and private entities in order to restore the number of healthy trees in San Diego. Through tree-planting and reforestation planning, the organization has planted and maintained over 1,400 trees throughout various streets in parks in the city. They also spread awareness among the community in order to help people understand the importance of maintaining a healthy environment.

In addition, Tree San Diego has a wood re-utilization program, which is supported by a new $750,000 CAL FIRE grant that enables them to operate a virtual marketplace that ensures that wood products are re-purposed and used to their full potential. By ensuring that urban wood sources, including lumber and furniture, are reused, it reduces the environmental impact seen when wood is burned or wasted.

There are plenty of opportunities to volunteer with this organization. You can join one of their tree planting events, helping to continue a legacy that will grow into a positive influence on the environment. There are also plenty of Tree San Diego Watering events around San Diego County where you can check up on already planted trees and make sure they are properly watered and maintained.

Keeping San Diego beautiful city is important, and Tree San Diego is making a huge impact in maintaining our environmental health. If you’re ever looking for a chance to contribute yourself, volunteering for this organization can be a highly rewarding experience.

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