Tips for staying fit in the heat

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San Diego Sunrise (from 'tadson' via Flikr)

San Diego Sunrise (from 'tadson' via Flikr)

Who likes exercising in this heat? Anybody? I sure don’t! As the summer progresses and the sun seemingly gets hotter, I find it harder to get my butt outside and do something. My favorite thing in the world is running and my favorite time to run is in the afternoon, but during the summer I have to switch it up or I’d die from exhaustion. Here are some tips and activities that I do to change it up and play it safe during this intense heat wave:


  • Drink¬† water before, during and after your workout. I make a habit of storing empty water bottles in the places I frequent most like my car, my purse, and the gym just in case I forget to bring one with me. Staying hydrated throughout the day will help keep up your workouts and keep you from getting dehydrated in this weather.
  • I love to wear spandex and a tank top when running, but it is better to save those for the cooler weather. Swap your tight clothes for loose fitting, preferably cotton workout gear.
  • Exercise early mornings or late evenings. The sun is out forever, so take advantage of it … these are the coolest times of the day. Avoid sun exposure between 10 am thru 4 pm when the sun is highest in the sky.
  • Wear sunscreen … on your skin … on your eyes … in your hair … on your lips … heck buy that cool sunscreen clothing if you must. Just make sure that you are shielded from the life-giving, life-taking sun of ours.
  • This may sound silly, but if you are running, opt for knee high socks … they provide better circulation than those silly ole ankle socks.

Some “cool” activities you can partake in, after the jump:


  • I am a kid at heart … play capture the flag at dusk. Bring flash lights and continue the game into the dark. Grab your friends, make up some ridiculous flags and head to your favorite park!
  • Ocean swimming. Swimming in the ocean is such a great total body workout and it is easy on your joints. Walk out from the shore as far as you are comfortable with and swim horizontal to the waves. Bring goggles so you can keep an eye out for sharks and other swimmers.
  • Sunrise hiking; yep you heard me. Get your lazy bum out of bed before the sun rises and hike Cowles’ Mountain or another great hill. It will be early enough that it is cool and you will get down the hill just in time to pick up your morning cup of coffee, which can help boost your metabolism.
  • Go running in the pool. Easy on your body … don’t forget to drink fluids.
  • Try rock climbing out in Mission Regional Trails Park.

I cannot emphasize enough how important physical activity to your health, so make sure you stay in shape during the summertime. Have fun, be safe, and go crazy!

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