Tips for Creating a Home Theater

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Who doesn’t love going to the movie theater? You get a massive screen, comfortable chairs, popcorn, and other snacks. Unfortunately, COVID-19 wreaked havoc on the movie industry, including movie theaters. Although some theaters are open or in the process of opening, what if we told you that you could bring the movie theater to your home? Nothing’s better than having the theater to yourself, after all. Check out our list of tips for creating a home theater below.

Find the Best Place for Your Screen and Build From There

It shouldn’t be a surprise that your home theater starts with the screen, but it also starts with the screen placement. A lot of people making a home theater don’t have a separate room they can designate to their theater. That said, you want to make sure everyone can see the screen from where they’re sitting with minimal glare and barriers in the way. An easy way to reduce glare is putting your television against the main window and then covering the window with room darkening drapes. Alternatively, you might want a screen and projector, in which case you could mount the screen and cover the window that way. Once you determine the screen placement, the rest of the process is easy.

Invest in Comfortable Seating

Part of the movie theater experience is having those wonderful reclining seats, and luckily, you can buy those for yourself too. However, you might want to consider getting large couches instead if you have a large family. Moreover, you could install different levels of seating to recreate a theater experience; it’ll take your home theater to a new level (pun intended).

Don’t Overlook Your Theater System

Every home needs a great home theater system, otherwise you won’t have epic movie nights. In addition to the essential home theater items, you must consider the size of your room when choosing a sound system. The TV’s speakers aren’t going to cut it. In smaller rooms, you can usually get by with a sound bar, but there’s nothing better than a full surround sound system with subwoofers.

COVID-19 made the movie theater experience practically non-existent and weird to say the least, but that doesn’t mean all hope is lost. You can still watch movies and have an awesome experience with our tips for creating a home theater.

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