The Water Project: Sharing the World’s Water Supply

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Safe and readily available water is a crucial aspect for public health, but almost a billion people around the world lack basic access to such a necessity. In fact, 2 billion people globally rely on water sources that have been contaminated by harmful chemicals or bacteria. By the year 2025, half of the world’s population will be living in water stressed areas. Freshwater makes up less than 1% of the global water supply, and due to a wide number of factors, we are left with less and less of a supply of it. Water is one of the worlds most precious resources, and without it, we cannot survive.

The Water Project is an organization dedicated to solving the world’s water crisis. For most of us, access to clean, quality water is something we mainly take for granted. However, in many parts of the United States, including California, water scarcity is only continuing to become more prevalent of a problem. Water scarcity is a growing issue, and with more people putting in increasing demands on the already limited supply, the cost and effort to maintain these levels of access will only increase. At The Water Project, their main goal is to spread awareness of water use, and help those who don’t have access to this precious resource.


The Water Project is currently working on projects around the world, in hopes of partnering with local teams to develop clean water programs. They place a strong emphasis on investing in leadership, by equipping, training, and funding Non-Governmental Organizations who can help people establish access to clean water, as well as teaching them how they can maintain it over time.

While they are currently working on hundreds of projects around the world, their current highlighted project is taking place at Muleche Primary School in Shinyalu, Kenya. This school has a total enrollment of 434 students, including 225 girls and 209 boys. Currently, there is no water source on the school grounds, which contributes to unhygienic situations. The only nearby source of water comes from a slow-moving river, which has a bad odor, and many refuse to drink from it.

In order to help with this situation, The Water Project plans to spend two days educating teachers and students about safe hygiene and sanitation practices, as well as having water conservation lessons. Next, they plan to install hand-washing stations with 50-liter plastic barrels that will allow the students to practice safe hygiene. Finally, a rainwater catching tank will be installed, allowing the students to safely store and use clean water.

This is just one of hundreds of projects being done by The Water Project. While the world’s freshwater supply is limited, it does not mean people should go without these this necessity. The Water Project is always looking for people to help them complete new water programs for those in need. Currently, there are over 250 communities in need of immediate water project funding. The Water Project has 4 levels of membership, each offering a unique way to share in on the experience of giving people access to clean water.

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