The Future of Tower Paddle Boards

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Stephan Aarstol, CEO of Tower Paddle Boards and Internet entrepreneur, has big plans in the future for his thriving San Diego Stand Up Paddle board company.

Being featured on ABC’s hit show is a dream come true for any rising entrepreneur. The publicity, and customer reach, that being featured on Shark Tank brings to a new company helps its profits skyrocket in a matter of weeks. Aarstol saw the potential of being on “Shark Tank” and wanted to use the momentum to help grow his company to the next level.

After appearing on ABC’s hit show “The Shark Tank” in 2012, Aarstol’s Stand Up Paddle board company got a huge boost in publicity and revenue. With nearly 6 million people tuning into his episode, Aarstol saw this as a unique opportunity to reach a bigger audience, and use this momentum to grow his company.

In only four years of being in business, Aarstol is expecting Tower Paddle Board to earn over 4 million dollars in revenue.

Tower Paddle Boards was recently listed as the fastest growing company in San Diego. Tower Paddle Boards manufactures its own boards in a 5,000 square foot factory. They also have a thriving online distribution company for Stand Up Paddle Boards.

Now that Tower Paddle Boards has established itself as one of the premiere Stand Up Paddle board companies, Aarstol has big plans to continue the success of the company.

“San Diego is the perfect location for launching a Stand Up Paddle board company due to its beach culture and healthy lifestyle.”

Stand Up Paddle boarding is quickly becoming a go-to trend to get out doors and be active.

Pixel Productions & Tower Paddle Boards

Pixel Productions & Tower Paddle Boards

Aarstol has ambitious plans of reaching out to an audience of nearly half a million customers by providing interesting online entertainment through the Tower Magazine. He wants to create a Youtube channel, a Tower Girls line, which encourages girls to be successful, healthy, and driven. By doing this, Tower Paddle Boards will be able to speak directly with the consumers and fans of Stand Up Paddle boarding, and find out what they want, and need, to continue this fun activity.

When you think of a Tower Paddle Boards, Stephan Aarstol wants you think about the fun lifestyle beach experience. Click here to see Stephan talk about his unique experience on the Shark Tank. For more information about Stand Up Paddle boarding, Tower Paddle Boards, and Stephan Aarstol, check out their website here.

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