Switch Flop – From High School Art Project to Fashion Must-Have

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Keep your sole satisfied with the latest fashion buzz topic to hit the web – SwitchFlops. What started off as a project for her art class in high school is now designer Lindsay Phillips’ ticket into footwear fame.

The original SwitchFlop was a ceramic shoe with interchangeable straps that Phillips created when she was only sixteen. Now the 25-year-old entrepreneur has turned her adolescent assignment into a multi-million dollar success.

SwitchFlop sandals come in three designs: flip flops, wedges, and kitten heels. Each pair, which goes for about $35, has the ability to sport multiple looks thanks to the decorative Velcro strips that attach to the shoe, which run for $12 each. From the patriotic “Betsy,” a red ruffle strap with a stars and stripes button, to the leopard printed “Carson,” SwitchFlop’s variety of adorably named straps allow for a multitude of possibilities to complement your outfit.

The summer sensation is getting ready for autumn as Phillips has recently added ballet flats to her repertoire. Snap Shoes are a cute cool weather design with snap-on buttons, providing even more money-saving footwear in the present budget-busting economy.

Check out the SwitchFlops demo below:

Photo courtesy of makelessnoise via Flickr.

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