Five Best Summer Drinks to Keep Your Beach Body

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Summer has finally arrived and for many people this means toning up for swimsuit season. Whether it’s hanging out by the pool or going to a nightclub, it is important to realize that not all alcoholic drinks will maintain your long worked for beach body. Delicious, refreshing blended beverages are crucial during warm weather, but these aren’t as good as you think they are. Sometimes, they will have over 500 calories per glass!

Don’t be let down; you can still enjoy summer sippers and not have to worry about the large amount of calories. An easy tip to remember is that the clearer the drink, the better it is for maintaining your waistline. Here are some examples of drinks that are refreshing and low in calories:

1. Light Beer or Wine

Who doesn’t love enjoying a nice, cold, refreshing glass of beer during the summer? The problem is that regular beer can have up to 150 calories per glass. However, light beers only have about 90 calories making it a much better option. Chilled white wine is also a great choice. Add in a spritz of diet lemon lime or club soda and you’ve got a bubbling beverage that won’t leave you in a once piece.

2. Iced Tea

This makes a great non-alcoholic summer drink. Try to get unsweetened tea compared to the teas loaded with artificial sweeteners. Adding fresh mint or lemon gives it a tasty twist.

3. Limoncello Mint Lemonade

This drink is a must-have. It is made with natural ingredients such as mint leaves, lemon juice, lime juice and fresh lemon slices. Just add some Limoncello, which is a lemon liqueur, some club soda, and you’ve got yourself a great summer drink.

4. Bloody Mary

If you like tomatoes, a Bloody Mary is the drink for you. Made with fresh tomato juice, seasonings and a dash of lemon, this drink is so refreshing and low in calories. Of course, you can always skip the booze which will eliminate a lot of unnecessary calories. The issue with Bloody Marys is the salt. Limit yourself to one or you’ll bloat, and that’s never attractive in a bikini.

5. Blended Drinks

Although many people think of blended beverages as unhealthy, there are many out there that are surprisingly low in calories and fat. You can keep it as simple as adding some fresh fruit, crushed ice and non-fat milk or yogurt to the blender.

If you want to keep your beach body in shape this summer, remember to keep an eye on the calorie count in what you drink. If you make your own drinks, make sure to use natural ingredients which are sugar free or low in fat. Enjoy!

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