San Diego Financial Advisor & Entertainer Expert Steve Sexton Interviewed on KUSI News

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Steve Sexton, President of Sexton Advisory Group and host of the radio show “Winning in Life,” was recently interviewed on KUSI channel 9. With over 15 years of experience in financial services such as retirement and estate planning, Steve is a well-known financial advisor who has been featured on numerous shows to share his expertise and to inform listeners how they can “find money falling through the cracks.”

KUSI News at 6, the most-watched news station in San Diego, discussed with Steve Sexton the hot issue of the  fiscal cliff legislation and how it will affect everyone.

Steve Sexton was brought on the show to discuss the impact of “going over the cliff.” He stated that everyone will experience a different tax increase, but according to the nonpartisan tax policy center, the average family will have their taxes increased to $3,400 next year. He also shared that it will first appear in your pay checks creating budget challenges. Also, refunds can be delayed or even wiped out. This is due to the automatic spending cuts from sequestration, a trillion dollar cut to defense that was not part of the deal. This is critical to defense industry towns like San Diego because one out of five people work in the defense industry here.

The Senate deal included tax hikes on people making over the $400,000 range, the estate tax being increased from 35% to 40%, and unemployment benefits continuing for over a year along with several tax credits. Congress is able to block tax increases and spending cuts but the main question is when they will decide on these actions. There is a lot of changes occurring this year and it’s important to see how these changes will affect you.

If looking for advice in financial planning, be sure to contact the Sexton Advisory Group to get all your questions answered and your facts straight before making any impactful decisions.

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