San Diego beaches survey

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Here’s a short survey, from north to south, of the beautiful beaches within the city of San Diego:

sdbeach1Torrey Pines State Beach: 12600 North Torrey Pines Road, La Jolla, CA 92037 : The state beach extends from Torrey Pines Scenic Drive south for three miles to Carmel Valley Road; relatively free of big rocks and rarely covered by the high tide; in addition to normal street access, there are two rigorous trails to hike upon, one at the Gliderport at the northern end and the other in the Torrey Pines State Park.

Black’s Beach: 3 miles north of La Jolla Shores, below the gliderport: North of Scripps Pier, get there along the ocean from La Jolla Shores or climb down the cliff trail, it’s clothing optional on the north end, the U.S.A.’s largest nude beach.

La Jolla Shores: 8200 Camino del Oro, San Diego, CA 92037: Perfect for family outings, with gentle surf and an all-around comfortable feel, with access to Kellogg Park, a sweet spot for picnics.sdbeach2

La Jolla Cove: 1100 Coast Boulevard, San Diego, CA 92037: Here’s the place for diving and snorkeling in a environmentally protected area without boogie boards, surfboards or any other flotation aids, with a real chance of seeing exotic sea creatures swimming with you.

La Jolla Children’s Pool Beach: 834 Coast Boulevard, San Diego, CA 92037: Once a kid’s swimming area, time and tide and sand filled the cove and the harbor seals soon followed.

sdbeach3Windansea Beach: 7020 Neptune Place, San Diego, CA 92037: Not a place for beginners, there are strong waves and ebb tides and rips, as well as reefs and sharp rocks; a landmark beach for surfers.

Pacific Beach: 4500 Ocean Avenue, San Diego, CA 92109: A classic beach town complete with boardwalk (“The Wall”), Crystal Pier for fishing, clubs and seafood restaurants, and a real Southern California/college feel.sdbeach4

Mission Beach: 3000 Mission Boulevard, San Diego, CA 92109: The West Coast’s answer to Coney Island and the Jersey shore; the boardwalk continues from Pacific Beach and ends up at Belmont Park with its wooden roller coaster and the Plunge.

Mission Bay: 3448 Crown Point Drive, San Diego, CA 92109: With 27 miles of convoluted beaches, it’s the largest waterpark in the world; known for bonfires, boat races and leisurely sailing, a center of San Diego’s beauty.

sdbeach5Ocean Beach: 5059 Newport Avenue, San Diego, CA 92107: A small beach town feel with a lot of locals just hanging out, and a prime destination for East Coast tourists and newcomers; as well as the largest Dog Beach in the area.

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