Protecting Your San Diego Home

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According to the San Diego Police Department, 5,840 confirmed burglaries were reported in San Diego during 2011, and the majority were residential attacks. Although the number of burglaries has dropped in recent years, there is still an average of 16  San Diego residences burglarized every day.

The statistics beg the question; what can I do to avoid being the victim of a San Diego burglary? We’ll answer that and give you tips for securing your home while you’re traveling too.

4 Simple Ways to Secure your Home

  1. Illuminate. Invest in quality outdoor lighting and motion sensors. Lights over the garage and entryways are particularly useful deterrents and add to your safety as well. Inside, make use of light timers. Burglars often “case” homes and timers help throw them off.
  2. Knowledge is Power. Keep track of crime stats for your neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods to stay a step ahead of the criminals. Check the helpful information found on the San Diego Police Department website. (
  3. Be proactive. It seems obvious, but many homeowners leave doors and windows unlocked. Check the doors and windows of your home right now; are they secure? Bump up security by putting a wooden dowel in the window frame or sliding door track to limit movement.
  4. Join the watch! Join your Neighborhood Watch Program or start one yourself. Learn how here. (

When is my Home Most Vulnerable to a Burglary?

Nationally, July and August are the most common months for burglaries, with February being the least.  Because of San Diego’s year-round mild temperatures, break-ins are a threat every day of the year due to open windows, open sliding doors, and the use of screen doors.

San Diego residents are particularly vulnerable to so-called “fumigation-related burglaries.” Criminals know that a tented house is a vacant house and they’ll seize the chance to commit a burglary. If you’re having your home fumigated, be sure to secure all valuables (especially jewelry and electronics) and ask neighbors to call you if they witness any suspicious activity. If your neighborhood has a Neighborhood Watch, be sure you make them aware of the situation. Some homeowners even opt to hire a security guard for the duration of the fumigation.

How Can I Protect my San Diego Home While I’m Travelling?

There’s nothing that will dampen a perfect vacation like a call from the San Diego Police Department informing you that your home’s security had been breached.

6 Tips for Keeping Your San Diego Home Secure While Traveling:

  1. Use motion sensors outside and light timers inside.
  2. Stop newspaper and mail
  3. Leave your contact number with your neighbors, and let your Neighborhood Watch know you’ll be out of town
  4. Alert your home security company that you’ll be away and give them name and information of anyone who may be entering your home while you’re travelling.
  5. Cut down or remove overgrown shrubs around entrances to home.
  6. Don’t leave easy to convert items in plain view. Put your laptop in the closet, pack away the Wii, and put jewelry in a secure place. Leaving these items such as these that can be easily converted to cash is like putting a scrumptious piece of cake in front of a dieter; you’re just asking for trouble.

No single security tip will make your home will be burglar-free, but by implementing our home protection strategies you’ll make your home a less appealing target.

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