Photographer’s Guide for San Diego

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San Diego is home to many beautiful locations that you can perfectly capture with your camera. There are numerous scenic spots for the perfect shot, and each is completely unique in it’s own way. There are always new places to discover and explore, and San Diego is the perfect place to endure on this quest.

Located on Coast Blvd, Hospital Beach is a beautiful place to photograph at sunset, when the water hits the narrow strip of sand, complimented by the sparkling tide pools below. The name of this strip is Coast Bou, and the grass covers the entire strip. The beach is always a special place to photograph, and Hospital Beach will provide the perfect angles for you to explore. A local photographer, Trevor Burgers says, “I think Hospital is incredible because it’s always different every time I go, whether the sunset is dull or not the tide pools are always full of different animals and the water is always different. On the other hand, Adobe falls is awesome because you get to see some incredible hand sprayed artwork and it’s almost a mini hike to get down there.”

Another beautiful place to photograph in San Diego is Adobe Falls, near the San Diego River, north of Interstate 8 and San Diego State University. This natural environment contains painted rocks, allowing you to use your creativity in every shot you take. This land was announced a historic landmark in 1973, so please respect the land, and enjoy taking your artistic pictures, while enjoying the fresh breeze.

Some of the most beautiful places are almost hidden from the world, and discovering a new spot to take photos, is something many local photographers strive for. Local photographer Lexi Quesadasays, “I would say my favorite photography spots would be when I’m adventuring to a new place. You find secret beautiful areas that people wouldn’t see every day. The best part about it is that it’s on accident.” Spruce Street Suspension Bridge in Hillcrest is among these hidden locations, that you can find at San Diego, 92103. Open from 6am through 10pm, there is plenty of time in the day to make your way to this beautiful landmark that was created in 1912. Sway in the San Diego wind as you walk across the beautifully structured bridge, and get the perfect angle for the ultimate shot.

If you are a photographer that enjoys more of a geometric vibe to your photos, Salk Institute of Biology is the perfect place to capture perfect architecture. The building is not open to the public, but the outside appearance is what is perfect about this location, because you can capture the architecture from the outside and portraits as well. Located in La Jolla, this unique location will allow you to capture symmetrical imagery and create something that is completely your own.

San Diego is the perfect place to explore your talent, by capturing the perfect photo at any of these locations. Show off the beauty that San Diego has in a photo that has a touch of your personality and unique style.

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