New show set to open at SeaWorld in May 2010

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Blue Horizons Show in Orlando, identical to the one set to open in San Diego (Photo from

Blue Horizons Show in Orlando, identical to the one set to open in San Diego (Photo from

Bottlenose dolphins jumping into the air twenty feet high, whales creating waterfalls with their flukes, and tropical birds swooping through the air … ring any bells?

Of course, these are all popular, but separate, attractions that visitors can come to admire at SeaWorld, San Diego. With four million visitors a year, audience members grew to expect the same old routines and have asked for new and fun attractions to keep them coming back. And SeaWorld San Diego delivered!

Set to open in May 2010, a new show called “Blue Horizons” will incorporate aerialists, divers, dolphins, whales, and exotic birds in a Cirque du Soleil-style acrobatic extravaganza! Based on an identical show at SeaWorld Orlando, SeaWorld San Diego has decided to go all out on this new attraction to give San Diegans something new to come back for again and again!

But don’t wait until May 2010 to return to SeaWorld. The current “Dolphin Discovery” show is set to close September 7th to make way for the new “Blue Horizon”. Check out this attraction one more time before its final closure, and get excited for the new arrival!

The Dolphin Stadium will add 700 seats as well as a truss system for bungee swings and diving boards. SeaWorld San Diego is looking to expand, and you should be the first in line to catch this amazing, new theatrical performance!

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