More electric car charging stations coming to San Diego

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Photo from Todd Mecklem via Flickr

Photo from Todd Mecklem via Flickr

To promote green transportation, the Obama Administration has decided to create a $2.5 billion program. This new program will have funds going towards building charging stations and will be helping out five metropolitan areas. San Diego has been selected to receive money from this stimulus grant.

This program will help encourage more consumers to purchase an electrical car. A set back that has begun when considering electrical cars is the shortages of charging stations. There are very few gas stations that provide assistance for electrical cars. It will be more sensible for those who decide to go green by having several gas stations compatible for both gas and electrical cars.

Nissan has been helping with this new program as well as SDG&E. Together, they came up with the Leaf, a new electric car that will soon be available to the public. Production on this car has already begun on a thousand models.

SDG&E also came up with a new way of charging you for the electricity you use on your car. They figured, instead of using your credit card at charging stations, the charge will automatically go towards your electricity bill.

These companies have been more confident in the success of these electrical cars because of all the help and involvement the federal government has provided. There will also be more development and research on electrical technology with the purchase of the Leaf.

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