Modern Warfare 2: A girlfriend’s thoughts

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It can be a battlefield for girlfriends (Photo via

It can be a battlefield for girlfriends (Photo via

Since last Monday my television has been consumed by the recent release of Modern Warfare 2.  For those who don’t know the significance of this game, my boyfriend waited two hours outside of a Gamestop around midnight just to be one of the first people to receive a copy.  Along with the $60 to purchase the game, my boyfriend convinced himself that he needed a MW2 specialty controller too. I told him it was like a girl buying a purse with matching shoes, but he begged to differ.

I can see why a lot of people like the game. It’s has some pretty trick graphics and the detailing is insane.  If you don’t play and happen to come across the game, take a look at the gear the players wear. Somebody did their homework.

While I haven’t been given the “permission” to try the game for myself, I have played earlier versions. For about 30 minutes. What I don’t understand is how or why someone (i.e. my boyfriend) would play the game until their hands cramped and they can’t see straight from lack of sleep? There has to be more to do on a free day then sitting and playing MW2 all day!

Through this frustration I’ve learned that MW2 is more than just a video game. I have come to equate it with the modern man’s social club. Instead of going to bars or hitting casinos, wasting money, and possibly ending the next day with hangover, men can sit in the comfort of their own home, log-in online, take out frustration with fictitious destruction and mayhem, while still being able to talk crap to their friends.

Now I’m not saying the MW2 society is solely for men. I have heard women online joining in on the fight. I’m just giving my perspective as a girlfriend.

In my observations I have come to understand that there are a lot of men who are not the “I’m going to get dressed up to hang out with my friends” type people. In fact, the only time my boyfriend actually dresses himself to the equivalent of fancy, is when we go out on a special occasion or family holiday parties. Other than that my guy likes to keep it simple. Mind you he likes to be social, just with the least amount of effort.

MW2 allows him this comfort. Plus, in his words, he gets to “blow shit up.”

Can it be annoying sometimes? Yes. Does it seem like he’s more interested in the game than me sometimes? Yes. However, as I think about it I would rather have him home hanging out with me having mini conversations between matches than being hit on by drunk chicks in a crowded bar.

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