Learn to Swim Like a Mermaid with Fitness Class at The Del

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Sometimes exercise feels like a chore. It can be grueling and, at times, downright torturous. But what if there was a unique way to make your workout fun and exciting? What if you could combine fitness with your childhood dreams of being a mermaid? The Hotel Del’s Mermaid Fitness Class is a dream come true when it comes to water aerobics. The Del is committed to helping people create magical memories, and this is one experience that definitely delivers.

Mermaid tails are quickly becoming the must-have pool accessory along with floatation devices in the shape of pizza and giant swans. The Hotel Del is taking this pool toy trend and turning it into a unique spin on water aerobics, an activity that many people thought was reserved for the elderly, before the mermaid tails entered the scene. The mermaid tails add a new level of excitement to the exercise, but they make water aerobics more challenging (moving through the water with your legs trapped in a fin is a foreign feeling, and the weight of the fin is also a factor). All of this leads to a workout that feels intense and productive.

When you sign up for the fitness class, you are expected to arrive at the pool promptly at 7:45am to suit up for your debut as a mermaid (these classes are only offered on Friday and Saturday mornings, but we promise it’s worth waking up early). The class begins with learning how to swim gracefully in your new tail.

After you get the hang of maneuvering through water with your fin, the real fun starts. The class is an instructor-led total body workout that lasts for 45 minutes, and you will be feeling the burn in no time. The exercises are a fusion of swimming, core, cardio, and strength training, all to the rhythm of upbeat music. First, the mermaids warm up with exercises to tone the arms (using a pool noodle as well as weights). Next, mermaids make their way to the edge of the pool to participate in core exercises.

Additional information about mermaid fitness classes: Mermaids must be 18 years old (guests 12-17 may attend with and adult). All participants must wear proper swimwear. If you purchase your own mermaid tail from The Del’s Online Store, then your first class is free and $10 per class thereafter. Classes are $15 for local San Diego residents with photo ID showing zip code. Otherwise, cost per class is $25.

Before you know it, you’ll be as comfortable as these mermaids:

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