Luke Walton takes over as interim head coach of Warriors

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Luke Walton and father Bill are California basketball stars. While Bill had a much grander tenure in the NBA, Luke is getting an opportunity to carve his own path as coach of the Golden State Warriors.

It was announced that the 35 year old former Laker Luke Walton will take over as the Golden State Warriors head coach just two years since retiring as a player. While it is not a permanent position, Walton will remain the youngest coach in the NBA for the time being. Former head coach Steve Kerr will be taking an indefinite leave of absence and Walton will step in.

Warriors GM Bob Myers explained that their priority is getting Steve Kerr healthy for the rigorous NBA season. Kerr has had numerous back surgeries in off seasons over the past few years. At this point, they do not anticipate his recovery to be long term, but there is no definitive timeframe for his recovery.

NBA training camp began this week and the Warriors’ first regular-season game is Oct. 27, which means Luke Walton will have a chance to showcase his coaching skills with the championship team. Fans of the Warriors can only hope that Walton can keep the team on track. If he can, they may be one of the promising teams to head into the championships again this year.

Fun fact: The Waltons have a history in San Diego. Luke Walton attended high school in San Diego and Bill Walton still calls San Diego home.

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