Kettlebell workouts effective but Jillian Michaels under fire

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Kettlebell workouts are a new trend in the health and fitness world, and workouts have proven extremely effective if done correctly.

The benefits of using kettlebells is huge. There is a great range of different exercises you can do with them and you’ll engage a variety of different muscle groups at once. Using kettlebells as part of your training regimen can help you see quick results while improving cardiovascular fitness and strength.

It is recommended that anyone trying kettlebells for the first time seek the guidance of a trained professional to avoid injuries. The issue is that improper form will not only hurt your results, but it could leave you with injuries.

Recently, celebrity trainer from The Biggest Loser, Jillian Michaels, has come under fire for her new training video for Kettlebells. According to the LA Times, Michaels is a fraud. They say “Michaels is not actually a real fitness trainer – she’s an actress playing the role of fitness trainer on TV, and in a line of popular DVDs.” That sure is a handful to take all at once.

Whether or not she’s a fraud, she’s helped a lot of people loose weight on TV and in person. Her level of expertise has been called into question. Many well known trainers have pointed out serious flaws in her technique. Mark Cheng, the chief instructor of Kettlebells Los Angeles, told The Times that Michaels’ technique is appalling.

The concern is that Michael’s will enable bad form and land people in the doctor’s office. So, before staring your next kettlebell workout, consult an experienced trainer and ask for their credentials. It’s important to be critical of your trainers to make sure you’re in trustworthy hands.

If you’re still a fan of Michael’s, a suggestion would be to find a trainer that can teach you good form before beginning Jillian’s program. Follow your instructors recommendations for form, and use Jillian Michael’s DVD as an in-home supplement which will help save money on expensive training sessions.

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