Keep Love Alive: The Most Romantic Towns in the United States

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Not much better is than a sweet getaway with your significant other. Valentine’s Day may have come and gone, but make sure you still take the time to date your partner. Plan a trip for you and your loved one—keep it intimate and head to one of the most romantic towns in the United States. Whether you head to the snowy mountains of Colorado or take a summer seafood getaway to Maine, plan some time for romance and simplicity at one of these spots.

Bar Harbor, Maine

Head here in spring, summer, or autumn and fall in love with the scenery of Acadia National Park. You and your partner will enjoy the granite cliffs and pine trees. Once you’ve finished your hike, head to Main Street for delicious seafood and sweet cafés. You won’t regret this experience, especially if you’re both nature-lovers.

Telluride, Colorado

There are so many ways to spend a romantic getaway in Telluride, from taking a gondola ride to dining at a mountaintop restaurant to waterfall-hunting in the summer. Telluride is smaller than its sister cities up north, such as Aspen and Breckenridge, but it offers just as much luxury. Whether you spend a weekend in the snow or a joyride through the mountains in the autumn, don’t miss out on the romance that this charming mountain town offers.

Beaufort, North Carolina

North Carolina is full of enchanting small towns, but Beaufort captured our eye for a variety of reasons. The setting for several Nicholas Sparks novels, this town is teeming with romance, from the village boardwalk to stately old homes that have been converted into bed-and-breakfasts. Go sailing in the summer, or cuddle up next to the fire in the winter—make this place your annual vacation spot!

Sitka, Alaska

If you and your partner have always wanted to go to Alaska, opt for a small, intimate place such as Sitka. Enjoy the beauty of Alaskan nature and history at Sitka State Historic Park, dig into some delicious grub at Bayview Pub, and simply enjoy each other’s company as you wander the downtown streets. You can rent a cabin on the water or a lodge in the woods.

Amelia Island, Florida

One of the few spots left in the country where you and your partner can saddle up on the sand, Amelia Island teems with beauty. Don’t let the debonair atmosphere keep you from visiting—the quaint town is as welcoming as it is stunning. Enjoy a sunset picnic on the beach or a night in at a Victorian-era home. You won’t forget this romantic spot.

Friday Harbor, Washington

You’ll find another seafood spot in the northwestern corner of the nation at Friday Harbor, Washington. Nestled on San Juan Island, it’s a hot spot for couples and honeymooners alike. It’s quaint, romantic, and full of art galleries, restaurants, and sweet little houseboats. Dig into some succulent seafood platters, go on a whale-watching cruise—there are so many activities here for you and your loved one to enjoy.

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