How To Increase Your Longevity

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Longevity is becoming a fascinating area of study as technology progresses, increasing the average human lifespa. Over the course of just a century, the average human span has more than doubled, thanks to major advances in modern medicine, hygiene, and access to food and water. Luckily, there are some fairly simple steps you can take to increase your longevity and overall life expectancy.

Be social

Us humans are social creatures at heart, and having a solid network of friends has even been connected to having better overall health. Maintaining positive relationships with a spouse, family, or friends has been connected to reducine the overall impact of stress on your life, as well as making you less likely to engage in risk or negative behavior.

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We all know exercise is an important factor in living a healthy life, but you may be surprised by just how this much this. A recent study showed people who exercise at least 3 hours a week had DNA and cells that were at least 9 years younger than those who didn’t. Daily exercise can also improve your sleep and energy levels, both of which are important for longevity.

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Stress is a major contributing factor for developing a variety of diseases and seriously harmful health concerns. By learning an effective way to de-stress, it can positively contribute to remaining healthy throughout your life. Some forms of de-stress could include yoga or meditation, but it all remains up to you to find the most effective method.

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Get your screenings and testings

There’s a reason your doctors are always encouraging you to get your recommended testing and screenings for health issues. These are crucial for being an early detection for any illness or disease. By detecting these things early on, it dramatically increases your chances of recovery, making you more likely to live a longer, healthier life.  

Cut out unnecessary risks

Certain behaviors like smoking or heavily drinking can dramatically reduce your life expectancy. Other risks could include engaging in unnecessarily dangerous activity. If you can focus on cutting out these risks, you’re already actively increasing your life expectancy.

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Get some sun

Exposure to sunlight is highly beneficial for your overall health, as it is essential for bone health, preventing depression, heart disease, diabetes, and more. Some studies show that more than 50% of adults are vitamin D deficient, simply because they don’t go outside enough. Getting outside for a short 15-minute walk every day a tremendous impact on your longevity.

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Be mindful of your eating

Your diet is a massive factor in determining your life expectancy. A simple rule of thumb is to remain mindful of your eating. This includes limiting the amount of meats, fats, and processed foods you consume. Be sure to eat plenty of vegetables and as well. Doing this will allow you to remain at a healthy weight, increasing your life expectancy.

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