How To Fight A Ticket: Advice from Entertainer’s Expert Attorney

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Mike Walters, the Entertainer’s trusted legal advisor, offered helpful advice to the California public about how to fight ticket charges last week on Channel 6’s “San Diego Living”.  Tune in every Wednesday morning to hear Walters’ free legal tips.

In the clip below, Walters discusses what to do with traffic tickets that can often be a nuisance and quite expensive, especially with the costs of tickets on the raise.

Walters explains that something can be done, and that tickets can be fought.  Most people just pay off their tickets however, if you go to court and ask for a trial by affidavit then the chances of you paying a hefty fine can be avoided.

Walter explains that once you go to court and file an affidavit along with a written statement as to why your ticket was wrongfully given, the officer that issued the ticket must also file an affidavit in response. The officer must also go into court if you do, and if they do not show up, “you win.” Officers must be paid overtime to go into court and the state is not paying overtime at the moment. Walters states that: “this is the best time in the world to beat a ticket, and you can do it because now you know.”

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Don’t forget to tune in every Wednesday morning to hear Expert California Attorney Mike Walters’ free legal tips on the “San Diego Living” show on Channel 6.

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