How Augmented Reality Will Change Our Lives

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If you have been following anything related to the release of Apple’s new iPhone X, then you may have likely heard of its advanced augmented reality capabilities. If you have no idea what this entails, then prepare to be amazed. Augmented reality is defined as a real-world environment whose elements are changed by computer-generated elements, including video, sound, graphics, or GPS data. AR essentially enhances one’s reality, by giving it brand new elements in which you can perceive the world around you. This is different than virtual reality, as you are still in the real world, as opposed to a completely virtual one.

Augmented reality has numerous applications, especially since the technology is becoming better developed and easier to use. Right now, AR has exciting applications in healthcare. Imagine this: you go into your doctor’s office for a checkup, and your physician is wearing a strange pair of glasses that allows him or her to access your medical records, pictures, and any other relevant data, right then and there without even using a computer or handheld device. It allows your doctor to focus more on giving you the treatment you need. This can also apply to surgery. AR could project pre-surgery checklists, display vital signs in the doctor’s field of vision, and provide graphical overlay guidance during the procedure. This can drastically reduce the risks involved with surgeries, and make a huge impact on the healthcare industry.

iPhoneOn a more personal level, AR is being used by furniture giant Ikea in an app for the iPhone. The app allows users to select anything from their catalog, then virtually project it into your home, allowing users to see how the piece would look in their own space. I have personally used this app, and I can honestly say it’s absolutely amazing how well it works. I moved a coffee table in my apartment, selected a new one from the available Ikea pieces, and the app projected it onto my living room carpet. It was really was as if it was in the room with me. I had to wave my hand over where the table was, fully expecting to feel a real-life table. I see this having huge potential application in the future with all kinds of consumer products. Imagine browsing through some clothing on your phone, seeing something you like, and holding your phone in front you and seeing how it looks on you, without ever having to go to the store.

These are just a few applications I have listed above. AR is absolutely going to be a massively used technology as we progress into the future. The technology has evolved enough to allow us to use it just using our smartphones. My prediction is that AR will become such an integral part of our lives, that it will change the way we interact with the world around us. No longer will be tied to the digital world through a screen. Eventually, the digital world will become one with our reality, and open up so many potential applications in our lives. If you want to learn about more potential applications for AR, head over to this website, and become even more amazed with this technology.

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