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Calling all travelers! Plan Your Escape TV is an up and coming TV show featuring traveling gurus Wayne and Pat Dunlap, authors of the book, “Plan Your Escape.”  The Dunlap’s have visited 100 different countries across 6 continents and now hope to share all of their best travel tips and experiences to help make others’ travel dreams come true. If you are longing for your next vacation but don’t know if you can afford it, the Dunlaps can offer you their expert advice in reaching your travel goals without having to break your bank. All you have to do is catch Wayne and Pat on their new show, Plan Your Escape TV on E&L TV.

This month’s episode is one that you don’t want to miss out on. Wayne and Pat invite a special guest to their show, Elaine Masters, to talk about how to travel healthy and well. Elaine is the author of Flytime Yoga and an expert on how to handle the physical stress that comes with traveling. Elaine demonstrates to the audience a few simple exercises that they can do when they are in uncomfortable situations for long periods of time, such as the middle seat of a plane. If you would like more information about how to travel with less stress, visit Elaine Master’s website at

More exciting and useful tips are also revealed on the second half of this episode of Plan Your Escape TV. Wayne and Pat talk about a major money saving technique which is taking advantage of online bounce backs. Wayne explains that an online bounce back is basically when a travel company knows you’re interested in a certain trip and offers you a lower price after you reject the prices the first time around. To learn more about how this works, watch the entire show in which Wayne explains step by step instructions.

Another tip that the Dunlaps share is the importance of using Trip Advisor to find good hotels to stay in. The couple shares their personal experience with Trip Advisor and highly recommends that travelers look into the reviews of a hotel before booking one. The important thing that the Dunlaps want you to remember here is that low rates for a hotel may not necessarily be a good thing. If you find that a hotel has bad reviews but a good price, you may not want to book it because you most likely will not enjoy your stay.

If you want to keep up with Plan Your Escape TV, check out their website at The website is updated with the latest episodes and other resources to help you plan your dream vacation. Look out for the next episode of Plan Your Escape TV on E&L TV on The CW. There is definitely more advice to come in the near future!


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