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The San Diego Entertainer’s weekly segment of “Get Fit Wednesday’s,”  that aired on Channel  6 CW here in San Diego, brought us some great ideas for reaching our fitness goals this summer.  Fitness manager from The Sporting Club in La Jolla, Kris Machain and his assistant Marcella shares with us some exciting new exercises and a fitness concept called “super setting” which is the art of pairing exercises for the ultimate results.

Machain has prepared three exercises that he believes, when combined as a super setting, will provide that whole body workout that we are all searching for. He recommended that individuals trying to bulk up their muscles should reach for a little more weight and perform less repetitions, and those of us who are trying to slim down and tone our bodies should reach for lighter weights, and aim for more repetitions. In any case the super setting plan he has created will benefit everyone in increased metabolism, and increased fat burning.

The first exercise that he recommended this week was the “Kettle Bell Dead Lift.” We utilized the kettlebell last week also, and this is just a variation of what he had us do then. He asked his assistant Marcella to stand over the kettle bell and move into a squatting position where she would then grab the weight, rise to a standing position, and then return to the squat.

The second exercise that he performed called a walking lunge with bicep curl is a total body exercise and is one of the best exercises to perform for maximum results. Marcella demonstrates this exercise by starting in a standing position holding two dumbbells of moderate weight. She performs one full lunge and when she returns to the standing position she then performs a standard bicep curl with both of her arms.

The final exercise is a “plyometric squat jump”. For this, Marcella got into a squatting position that she demonstrated with the kettle bell dead lift. From that position she was instructed to explode upward into a high jump. Machain made sure to emphasis that when returning to the ground the landing should be very quiet, because if it is a quiet landing it is a controlled landing.

The Sporting Club hopes to see you out on the floor soon trying out these new exercises. If you have any questions about getting set up with your own personal trainer or getting plugged into one of their group classes visit them at: See you next week!


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